International Society of Performance Analysis of Sports Asia, ISPASA (/iːspɑɑsɑ/) is an organization setup to develop and deliver the objectives of it's parent organization, ISPAS, in the Asian and Australasian region.

The development of Performance Analysis in Sports as a discipline and career in Asia is crucial factor in ISPASA's establishment.

Still in its infancy, the organization has received huge incentives in the form of Professor Mike Hughes in kick-starting its projects. As the advisor for ISPASA, Professor Hughes also shared ISPAS' common goals and resources with ISPASA.

ISPASA Key Committee

Professor Mike Hughes



AsSoc. Prof. Dr. Tengku Fadilah BINTI TENGKU Kamalden


Dr. Hyongjun Choi








Dr. Jian Abdullah Noori ISPASA Representative for IRAQ
Mr. Hassan Safikhani ISPASA Representative for IRAN
Professor Dr. Sasaki Koh ISPASA Representative for JAPAN
Dr. Kirsten Spencer ISPASA Representative for NEW ZEALAND
Professor Josephine Joy Reyes ISPASA Representative for THE PHILIPPINES
Ms. Kimberly J. Stafford ISPASA Representative for QATAR
Dr. Abdussalam Kaniyan ISPASA Representative for INDIA
Mr. Mustafa Alahmed ISPASA Representative for SAUDI ARABIA
Mr. Matthew James Wylde ISPASA Representative for SINGAPORE
Dr. Hyongjun Choi ISPASA Representative for SOUTH KOREA
Mr. Nurullah Emir Ekinci ISPASA Representative for TURKEY
Mr. Nasnoor Juzaily bin Nasiruddin ISPASA Special Envoy to the United States of America

ISPASA has the following as its objective:

> to disseminate and develop the scientific knowledge concerning performance analysis of sports
> to become the leading forum for exchange of ideas for Asian performance analysts
> to bridge the gap between practitioners and researchers
> to commercialise the application of performance analysis
> to develop and expand the field of performance analysis
> to become the center of excellence and reference for Asia